Cheryl has been facilitating workshops and groups for over 25 years including grief groups, creativity workshops, writing retreats, women’s empowerment and self-esteem workshops. She trained for two years with Breakthrough Performance facilitators and learned the power of using the voice to move energy. She is also a certified reiki master and trained in facilitating past life regressions. She uses her years of working with the dying and the many tools she has gained over the years to create dynamic, powerful processes to aid in healing and supporting others in stepping more fully into their lives in order to live more authentically and open more fully to the joy that is their birthright.

In her book The Final Dance Cheryl writes about her experiences with patients at the end of life. Sitting with them and listening to their regrets. They often said things like, “I thought I had more time. My life went so fast.” Her job became helping them come to terms with an unfulfilled life as time ran out.

If you feel that life is passing you by or you have an unsettled feeling (I often refer to as sacred restlessness), then know that this is your soul’s way of telling you- it is time! No more putting off your dreams. If you are feeling that there is so much more to life than what you are experiencing-listen to that message! Our soul whispers to us but we often tune it out. Unsure of what to do with that calling or how to respond. Your soul is calling you to go for that which brings you joy.  Allow joy to pull you forward. The other alternative (which many people chose by default) is to wait until pain pushes you. This option is not nearly as fun! I have experienced both. You can go for what you want. And believe it or not YOU are the only one standing in your way.

I will support you through this process as you create a tribe of like-minded souls who are also here to support you on your journey of expansion and self-discovery, uncovering your gifts and your souls longing.

We were put on this Earth to love and be loved, to experience the magnificence of life, to dance and sing and play as children do. Many of us have forgotten how to connect to the joyful expression, our true nature. From this open, joyful space everything will become clear. Your next steps will be obvious and you will have so much fun along the way! Join us for this bliss-filled six-week process. It’s time.

What You Will Receive:

  1. Powerful exercises to clear any blocks to joy

  2. Guided visualizations to gain clarity on next steps

  3. Writing and journaling exercises to deepen what is being accessed through this process

  4. Group regression to explore and release any other blocks

  5. More energy, more enthusiasm for life, and more fun!


I signed up for Cheryl's Women's Empowerment Group looking for a group of likeminded women to discuss common goals, dreams and life strategy's with-what I walked away with after 6 weeks was more than I could have imagined. Profound self-realizations, a deepened sense of self-love and a connection that will hopefully last a lifetime with the other women in the group. Cheryl is a wonderful leader and a compassionate soul. I would recommend her group to anyone looking to live a little deeper or dream a little bigger.
Megan P
San Diego

Do you have a book inside of you that you just can’t seem to write?

Are you a closet poet longing to come out and be expressed?

Get your creative juices flowing, it truly is a path back to joy. Cheryl is a

master at creating a safe place to explore your creativity, through the use of

movement, sound, and writing exercises to unleash the creative forces within you.

Where: Carlsbad, CA (register to receive address)

When: Coming Soon

Cost: $40

Register: Pre-registration required